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5 Benefits Of Living In 55+ Communities In Long Island

Are you looking for a home in a great location with people your age and plenty to keep you active? It sounds like a lot to ask for, but these are the main selling points of 55+ communities in Long Island.

In this blog post, we’ll explore five reasons why choosing a 55+ community is the best decision for seniors who want to retire early or just need to downsize their lives because they’re starting to feel like it’s time for something new.

1) You’re Always Close To The Beach

It’s no secret that the East Coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in our country. So on Long Island, you can easily go for a walk or spend time with your family!

Plan a romantic evening on the water. Enjoy a picnic lunch, go for a bike ride or just spend time with your loved ones. There are endless ways to enjoy the beach on Long Island!

If you’re looking for some new scenery and an opportunity to take in some coastal air, head over to one of these beautiful beaches:

-Crab Meadow Beach Park (Hempstead)

-West Meadow Beach (Huntington)

-McAllister County Park (Rocky Point)

-Jones Beach State Park (Wantagh)

Or try a new beach next time you go out with friends or family! There are many to choose from, so try switching it up every week to experience what the island has to offer.

2) Enjoy The Great Outdoors

More of the outdoorsy type?

There are plenty of great hiking trails and parks around 55+ communities in Long Island. You can enjoy a wonderful walk in the fresh air or spend time with friends and family exploring nature together.

There won’t be any reason to worry about making an overnight stay either, as there’s always something nearby.

Here Are Some Outdoor Activities You Can Look Forward To In Long Island!
-There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature in the parks, like hunting for shells on a beautiful sandy beach with your grandchildren. You may even be lucky enough to spot an osprey or bald eagle!
-You’ll also find plenty of golf courses, which are great for those who want a scenic walk with an 18-hole challenge!
-If you’re into bird watching, there’s no better place to explore than Long Island because it is one of the best places in North America to see many different species.
-There are some fantastic fishing spots available right on your doorsteps, such as Robert Moses State Park. You’re just steps away from casting off into adventures around town.

3) Long Island Entertainment

The last thing people will want to do when they retire is sitting around watching TV all day. So here are a few fun activities that you usually wouldn’t find at home.

55+ communities in Long Island are near some of the best vineyards on this side of the country. Try stopping by for a day trip and try out the local vintage. It could be a great place to meet people as well.

There are also a few performing arts centers and galleries. These sites are open all year round to the public and always have something to show off.

Your neighborhoods will also offer access to New York City so that you can enjoy Broadway shows, pay a visit at Carnegie Hall or just take an evening stroll down Fifth Avenue without any worries about commuting time.

On top of all of this, you can swing by a summer concert under the stars. Almost anything you could think of is available on Long Island, and it’s just a drive away.

4) 55+ Communities In Long Island Benefits

In a 55+ community, you get access to all the perks that come with, such as pools, gyms, and spas. Your community fees will support all of these great activities along with your maintenance services.

You get the best of both worlds – you live in an independent environment but have access to all the amenities that come with a condo lifestyle.

Some other benefits that come with living within a 55+ community include:
-Friendly people who are at the same stage of life as you.
-Services that will take care of the exterior of your home for you (including snow shoveling)
-Less traffic and noise because there are no children.
-A community center complete with a bar and card room.
-Daily events and activities such as bingo, bocci ball, and book clubs

If you want to make friends or just stay active, an active adult community has everything you need to make it happen. But, of course, there are plenty more activities where that came from, so look into your community’s offerings before you make a move.

5) It’s A Great Investment

Everything that makes 55+ communities in Long Island a great place to live also makes them an excellent investment. One of the biggest concerns that people have when moving into these communities is that they or their kids won’t find a buyer in the future.

The fact is that the number of retirees is rapidly expanding because of the aging baby boomer population. What you’ll be getting is a beautiful home in a great location, complete with every amenity the community has to offer.

Furthermore, because maintenance is taken care of, there are usually two adults per home with minor wear and tear. So you won’t have to worry about the state of the residence declining as you live there.

Here’s a complete list of the benefits of investing in a 55+ Community home

  • Desirable Areas
  • Aging Population
  • Maintenance Included
  • Easily Targetable Market
  • Numerous Amenities
  • A Quiet Community
  • Less Home Wear And Tear


There are plenty of great reasons to move into a 55+ community in Long Island. You’ll have access to all the things you love without dealing with long commutes and traffic.

Plus, it’s always good when your family comes over for dinner- you won’t be worried about how they will get around!

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