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How to Prepare Your Home To Sell: Tips For Older Americans

You want to sell your home, but you’re not quite ready. You’ve been thinking about it for months now, and the idea of downsizing just seems overwhelming. The last thing that you want is to list your house on the market only to have it languish there without getting any offers! So what do you need to know before preparing your home for sale?

Get Rid Of Personal Items

When potential buyers look at your home, they will want to imagine their things in it- not yours. 

So as lovely as your Avant-Garde paintings are, they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

What you are selling is, in part, a blank canvas. Of course, having a great foundation will improve the value, but when it comes to décor, anything could turn off a buyer.

So if you already have your new home be prepared to move all of your belongings in there, or at least in a storage unit for a time.

You could even consider hiring a staging company to bring in furniture for show. It is an excellent choice if you plan to move all of your things out ahead of time or if your couches have seen their better days.

Also, don’t forget to dig up any gold in the backyard. It’s not exactly something you can come back for.

Make Sure It’s Spotless

This one should go without saying, but for those of you messy movers out there, listen up!

You are showing off your home at its absolute best! And that means there can be no finger stains on the windows or scrapes on the walls.

If a buyer sees even a scrap of garbage when they walk in the door, they’ll be walking straight back out.

Bring in all the help you need, but be sure that someone will walk around your home with a white glove. If you are older and don’t have nearby children to help, this is another good area where a small investment will save you dividends.

Do Some Landscaping

Sometimes people forget that the outside of a home is just as important as the inside. You don’t need to have an expansive and beautiful garden, but a well-manicured lawn goes a long way.

I understand that if you’re reading this, you are probably moving somewhere that landscaping is taken care of for you, so think of this as your last hurrah.

Or again, another chance to invest in your home before it hits the market. It’s important to remember that the housing market is highly competitive. There will always be a buyer for your home. The trick is to find the one at the right price, and doing that means making your home look as good as possible.

So if you can, move the lawn and trim up the hedges, and if not, hire someone else to do it. The buyer is really the one footing the bill.

Refresh With A New Paint Job

Sticking with the theme of your full home makeover, re-painting the inside or outside of your house will do wonders for its marketability. Not only does it look better, but it’s one less thing that the buyer has to worry about if they fall in love with the color.

You can take care of indoor painting yourself with about a week’s worth of consistent effort. The front door is similarly an easy area to take care of, adding a lot of street-side appeal.

Finding The Right Realtor

As much as we love to be experts on what we own, it’s important to be honest with yourself about your knowledge of the market right now.

If you want a professional opinion, hiring an agent will cost more money upfront, but they will not only get top dollar for your home but do all of the necessary legwork after that. Efficient and effective!

Finding Your New Home

If you haven’t already purchased your next home, there are many options to consider. You are likely too young for a traditional retirement home but don’t want to deal with the hassle of home maintenance.

Luxury Active Adult Communities exist to serve those of you in this unique group. These exclusive neighborhoods only accept homeowners over fifty-five years old with no children.

They generally come with many features, including a clubhouse, an activity planning board, and outdoor home maintenance. So if you are looking for a community of people your own age to enjoy the peace and make new friends consider one of these active adult communities.

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