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Why Everyone Is Looking to Retire At 55+ Communities

There are plenty of reasons why individuals are looking to move into 55+ communities, also known as Active Adult Communities. They have become the ideal spot for retirees looking to enjoy their lives without having to worry about how they’ll shovel the driveway or mow the lawn.

These communities come equipped with services to take care of exterior maintenance, activity centers, and planned events. They are hubs of endless opportunities wrapped up in a package to make it feel like you never left home. Below we’ll answer all of your questions about what exactly moving to a 55+ community means and if it’s the right move for you.

What is A 55+ (Active Adult) Community?

As the name suggests, active adult communities are gated communities where only adults over 55 live. They are places for adults still capable of living independently but looking to do so in a quieter and lower maintenance area.

Younger adults and grandchildren are, of course, allowed to visit, but for the most part, residents will be able to relax in their own company. It’s a great place to make friends your age or just to enjoy the peace and quiet of a gated community.

They differ from nursing homes in that there are no onsite healthcare facilities or dining services. A community expects that you will take care of everything within your own home, including feeding yourself. Though it does come with a fair amount of perks that you wouldn’t get at home.

Is A 55+ (Active Adult) Community Right For You

Nobody wants to leave their family home and all of the memories it holds behind, but there comes the point where downsizing is just the smarter option. That’s where active adult communities come in.

You may be wondering if making a move to one of these locations is right for you, so here are a few of the benefits that you can expect.

Maintain An Active Lifestyle

Active Adult communities are designed to keep you active both physically and mentally. From pool aerobics and bocce ball to bingo and happy hour, there’s always something going for you to take part in. Do as much or as little as you want, nothing will push you out of your comfort zone, although you will be encouraged to take advantage of everything your community has to offer. These are great places to make friends or just to spend all of the free time you’ll have during retirement.

Convenient Location

To make life more enjoyable for their homeowners, active adult communities are constructed nearby local attractions. This means that they are usually within walking distance or will have a bus to and from town. In addition, most 55+ communities are in low-crime areas, so you’ll have nothing to worry about when going out on your own.

There will be plenty of great locations to take out the family when they come to visit as well. And just because there are no healthcare facilities on site does not mean that you’ll have any problem getting there. You may even luck out and end up with a couple of wineries nearby.

Amenities Are Included In Your Homeowners Association Fees

Your community fees will cover everything from lawn care maintenance to snow shoveling. While you will still be responsible for cleaning your own home, pretty much everything exterior is taken care of. These fees will also help pay for the activity center and any activities you can participate in.

Sense Of Community

One of the main reasons to move into a 55+ community is to live around people your age with a shared understanding of values. Which in most cases amounts to understanding that everyone just wants some peace and quiet! Still, if you plan at all on using the community center and playing some bocce ball, you’ll need some partners. This is a fresh opportunity for you to make new friends in a comfortable environment. Even if you only plan on catching up at Friday happy hour.

How To Choose Your Community

If you have decided you’d like to move into an active adult community, the next step is finding the right one for you. The best way to know for sure is to talk to some friends already in these communities and find out what they think. Plan a visit to check out the facilities from the perspective of someone who lives there.

If that isn’t an option, talk to a representative and set up a tour. They would love to show you everything that their homes have to offer. While you’re there, you can check out the surrounding area and see if it is somewhere you’d like to spend your time.

There will be a variety of floorplans to choose from so you can shop around and find what best works for you. May that be a Classic Barolo or Tuscany; there’s a home to fit anyone’s needs.

After that, you can look into what the community itself has to offer. Check out the clubhouse if they have one. See everything that living there has to offer. You’ll be spending a lot of time there after all. There’s a lot you can learn about a place just by the feel of it. So get out there! It’s the same as being on the market for any home. There will be plenty of showing and probably a house that just fits everything you were looking for. These homes just come with a lot of bonuses.

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